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Message par Admin Ven 21 Juil - 22:23

Reproduction Militaria
1944 Militaria: Dealer in high-quality German repro & original items.
Apfeltor Waffenfabrik: Gunsmithing service, specializing in the German G/K-43.
Armbruster Tents: US Tents.
Armorcast Reenactor Grenades: Poly-rubber dummy grenades so you won't cave in your buddy's head!
Army/Navy.com: Dog tag service.
At the Front Militaria: One-stop shop for German or US WW2 reenacting and a little of everything else.
Atlantic Wall Blanks: Blank cartridges for all nationalities.
Bill Bureau's Militaria: Carries thetailor-made Janke German officer and enlisted uniforms.
Blue Max Militaria: Action figures & reenacting accessories.
Cheap Crap You Don't Need Enterprises: A little bit of everything militaria.
Clements Trading: Specializing in WW2 rations and reenactment items.
Dday Quartermaster: Repro WW2 tents & gear.
Dehner Riding Accessories: A source for high-quality stock and custom riding boots.
Dogtags Online: WW2-modern & pet tags.
Dutchie's Militaria: WW II German & postwar European militaria.
E.B. Normandie 1944: I'm not really sure. It's all in French...
Epic Militaria: Repro WWII products in the U.K.
Espenlaub Militaria: Original WW2 German and Russian Militaria for sale and Battlefield tours.
German Helmets Inc: Stahlhelms and other German militaria.
Gunboards.com: Informational site with message boards for firearms & militaria trading.
Guns of Liberty: Replica 1919a4 and Jeep Pedestals.
The History Bunker: Vendor of uniforms, maps, music, books and maps in the U.K..
History Preservation Associates: U.S. distributor for Eastman Leather products.
HWW Manniquins: A great source for quality display manniquins, busts, and heads.
J. Murray Inc.: US M1 helmet restorations & reproductions.
Joe Swanson's Motion Picture Blanks, Inc: Dealer in top-quality blanks.
Kelly's Military:Reproduction German medals, insignia, gear, uniforms, etc..
Koutny Boots: Bespoke, hand-made reproduction boots from Czech Republic.
Kelly's Militaria:Repro German uniforms & gear.
Krautgear: Excellent reproduction US & German crates and parts.
Kriegsende Militaria: Jeff Snively's kick ass repro German odds' & ends.
Lederarsenal: Jan Berger's custom made Jackboots and Lowboots from Germany.
Malcom Wagner Militaria: Original German items from the UK.
Man the Line: US & German reproductions.
Mark-1-Tank: Scale radio-controlled tanks & kits from England.
Mash: Japanese company specializing in high-end reproductions of select US items.
Militaria Collection: Italian dealer in German and Fascist Italian collectibles.
Militaria.Net: A UK militaria dealer directory.
Military Antiques and Surplus: Just what the name says...
Military Vehicles: European site linking various MV sites.
Military Tour: Reenacting supplies.
Moore Leather: Top quality leather work- slings, belts, scabbards.
Northwest Military Vehicles Ltd. Co.: Seller of military vehicles.
Omaha's: US and foreign surplus from WW II-era to modern.
On the March: Custom made German uniforms.
Outpost Flags: All sorts of random WWII & modern nic-nacs.
Panther Store: Reproduction gear & uniforms in the Czech Republic.
Pike Brothers: Women's uniforms and accessories.
Quartermaster Inspector: Reproduction US & German WWII from Belgium.
Repro-Rations: Complete, ready-to-eat WW1 & WW2 rations.
Richard Underwood Military: Reproduction German militaria from the UK.
Service of Supply: Vendors of specialty US fieldgear and other original items.
SM Wholesale: SMW's American and German uniforms & gear.
Soldat FHQ: Cyrus Lee's militaria and books.
Soldier of Fortune: Reproduction US and German, WWI and WWII.
Soviet Military Stuff:Like it says. Red Army stuff from Russia.
Staman International Trading: Military vehicle parts.
Time Machine 13: Formerly M43 Caps.com
TNW Firearms: Replica & semi-auto WW II arms.
Traders of The Lost Surplus: "Commander" Scotty Babcock's militaria.
Western European Products: Reproduction & postwar militaria.
USMC WWII Dog Tags:Like it says....
Weingarten Gallery: Sterling silver US insignia.
What Price Glory: Jerry Lee's militaria, specializing in original and repro British and US.
Willy's Acres: Military vehicle sales and restorations.
WWII Dogtags: Like it says...
WWII Flightwear: Hand made hats made in the USA.
WW II Impressions: Quality GI uniforms.

Original Militaria
44th Collectors Avenue: Original WWI & WWII militaria.
Ardennes 44: Original US and German militaria.
1944Supply.com: Original US WWII militaria.
Bergflak's Lounge German MG & MP parts, plus research info on weapons, mounts, slings, etc.
Bunker Militaria: 19th & 20th century original European militaria
Bergstrom Militaria: Original German items.
Collector's Guild: Original only militaria. German, Japanese, US, British, Italian.
Craig Gottlieb Militaria: German WWII medals, uniforms, flags, etc..
Doughboy: Original militaria, US, German, CW, etc..
Ersatz Militaria: German & US militaria.
Espenlaub Militaria: German and Soviet.
FJM44: Frederick's original German WWII gear.
Fortitude Militaria: Original militaria from France.
German Military Collectibles: Site for members to list original and repro militaria.
German War Booty: Original German & US.
Grenadier Military Antiques: German militaria.
IMCS Militaria: Mark van Thiel's WWII militaria from Holland.
Hanner's Reich: Original German, especially SS items.
Hayes Otoupalik: Original US militaria.
Hiscoll Military Antiques: German militaria.
Italian Warfront: Mostly German militaria.
Jessen's Relics: Original US & German militaria.
John Casino: German militaria.
Lee-Jackson Militaria: US WWI, WWII, and Vietnam militaria.
LUX Militaria: Original US & German militaria.
Military Collectibles: WWII German & US militaira.
Militaria Versand Emig: Parent company to Bunker Militaria, with a huge selection of original militaria and antiques.
Oak Leaf Militaria: Original German WWII militaria.
Paratrooper Militaria: Original US items from France.
Regimentals: High quality militaria from the UK.
Regimental Depot: German, Civil War & Vietnam militaria.
Relic Hunter: Original, top end German and US militaria.
Ruptured Duck: Bill Shea's Allied & Axis insignia & collectibles.
Selles Military Antiques: US & German items from France.
SS Steel: Original German militaria.
Stewart's Military Antiques: Carries a vast array of excellent original militaria.
Summer Vacation Militaria:Original and reproduction WWII militaria.
Tarn Militaria: Original German uniforms, gear, etc..
The Marshals Baton: Reproduction FM Batons and original militaria
The Virtual Grenadier: Original German Militaria.
The War Front: Original US and German items.
Weitze Militaria: Militaria of all types from Germany.

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